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Click here: to view the submissions from our collective of artists combined to create synergistic exposure & compel visitors to grow more socially aware
Click here: to view the thoughts and opinions of our collective of artists regarding artistic conceptualization, expression, & experimentation.
Collective 13 is a social awareness community for people to release their art, create synergistic exposure, and to compel visitors of this site to become socially active and hopefully support social causes as well. Our request is simple, if you appreciate the art that has been exhibited on this site, we ask that instead of compensating the artist please pay your appreciation forward to social causes. For example, if you would have purchased a song for $1, the artists here will provide a free download to the song so you can give that $1 instead to a social cause of your choice. Or participate in our 'RISE TO BECOME' project at:

How it works for artists: Collective 13 is not only a collective of artists, but a also collective of 13 fictitious characters (hence the name, Collective 13) created by Kenneth Stollenwerk & Sonic·Parlor. For each piece of work submitted to this site the artist will create a work of art based upon one of the 13 characters using any one of the following seven methods: Music, Drawing/Painting, Photography, Poetry, Narrative, Video, or Spoken Word. This creates a very unique result of developing the characters over time via the input of various artists & authors using differing artistic mediums.

Why are some of the authors anonymous? A main principle of Collective 13 is that volume should not dictate validation, in other words, the size of the group should not matter for social awareness. Whether you are one individual or a 10,000 person march, all voices and attention should be equal. Conversely, some of the art also contains links by the authors to continue their voice and message at their own online destinations.

For more information or to submit art that you have created for Collective 13:   Click here

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